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  1. What is the role of a plastic surgeon in the management of facial scars?

The face is a very important organ for a human being. It becomes more and more important with the development of the social status of a country. The face is the main organ involved with social relationships, and it contributes a lot to one’s personality.

There is an increasing enthusiasm for erasing facial scars and improving facial aesthetics. Plastic surgeons around the world are involved in the management of facial scars and aesthetics. Their training in delicate surgery helps them achieve better outcomes from the various procedures.

  1. Can plastic surgical procedures erase a scar?

In fact, this is the expectation of the patient all the time, and it is our endeavour too. However, there are limitations in some cases. Honestly, we cannot erase a scar, as it could be done by an actor by wiping off the make-up made to pretend to have a scar. However, we can make a scar minimally sighted.

As you know, we have facial creases. These creases are very visible on an old face. If the scars lie in parallel to the facial creases, their appearance would be more pleasing and minimally visible at a distance, which humans maintain during social relationships.

  1. Are there different types of scars?


Briefly, there are two types Hypertrophic scars, which mean a growing scar, and an atrophic scar, which means a failure of normal healing,.

Hypertrophic scars: In some patients, the facial wound could become angry during the healing process, and the scar becomes prominent and protruding above the level of the normal skin. Usually, these scars are annoying and aesthetically poor.


Atrophic scars: these are flat and stretched scars. They usually result in poor repair of the facial injuries. The face has a muscle layer under the skin, which helps with facial expressions. When there is a deep injury to the face involving the muscle layer, it should be repaired carefully, and if not, the wound healing may not be appropriate and the scar will stretch.

  1. How do you manage these different types of scars?


The hypertrophic scars can be prevented by the application of a gel in the initial stages. But when it is established, it may need surgical removal and follow-up scar therapy. Some of the hypertrophic scars may respond to steroid injections. But it may be very painful to inject steroids into facial scars.

The atrophic scars need a redo to repair the facial injury, and the applications of the creams are not going to be helpful. If the facial injury lies parallel to the facial creases, the outcome would be great. Anyway, after a proper repair of an atrophic scar, one has to follow scar therapy protocols.

  1. Do you have any secrets to achieving better results in plastic surgery?


Well, people think plastic surgeons have secrets to achieving results. It is not unreasonable to think like that. Anyway, the delicate handling of human tissues and attention to detail give the best outcomes.

  1. What techniques are available to improve the facial appearance?


There is an increasing enthusiasm for the improvement of facial appearance among women, especially. The skin colour of the face is of primary concern. Many patients request some treatment to become fair. There are several treatments available for achieving fair skin. However, it is important to understand that getting even pigmentation is the most important thing as far as facial aesthetics are concerned.

There are injections (glutathione) available that will destroy the melanin in our skin cells and are not recommended by the drug authorities. These injections are being used for melanin destruction to relieve symptoms of melanoma (skin cancer), which has spread all over the body. The use of these injections in healthy humans who want to have a better appearance could have harmful results, and death may result.

Anyway, there are drugs that can be used carefully to have fair and evenly pigmented skin on the face. The use of sunscreen is very important in a country like ours, as the number one enemy of the facial skin is sunburn.

In addition, there are chemical peels and laser techniques that can improve the appearance of the face.