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Rhino plasty

Are you unhappy about your nose ? We will create a beautiful nose for you. It is known as rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the nose. There are two types of plastic surgery used – reconstructive surgery that restores the form and functions of the nose and cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of the nose.


Cosmetic Breast Surgery

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Emotional gynaecomastia

Lot of emotional or psychological issues also are eliminated by proper surgery.


Exercise will not work

Beast gland tissues are not muscular or fatty so exercise will reduced fat but not over grown glands. 


Dieting will not work

Dieting will only reduce fat tissue but not gland tissues. 





Common surgeries

Wide range of plastic surgery procediures have developed in the world is now available in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Breast reduction
Breast augmentation
Hand injuries
Burn injuries
Facial surgeries
Treatment of gynaecomastia
Scar removal

Hand Surgery

Why should Hand injuries be treated by a Plastic surgeon

1. How can somebody get a hand fracture?

There are several reasons for a hand fracture. commonest reason is fall on ground and landing on hand or fingers. In addition fractures do occur with motor vehicle accidents, crush injury due to various mechanical appliances in industrial and domestic use. Often these hand fractures are taken easy or not attended. Traditionally there is a temptation to seek indigenous medical advice.

  • 2. What are the problems a patient is going to face with a hand fracture?

    Hand fracture is not deadly and not going progress to a cancer or deadly disease. However, it will affect the function of the hand. If the injury is in the dominant hand the loss of function may affect the patient’s life significantly.

    The loss of hand function is due to two reasons. One is the fracture causing deformity. Other reason is the inappropriate treatment leading to stiffness and loss of function. Therefore one has to be aware that hand fracture can become miserable if not treated properly.

  • 3. How urgent to attend fractures in the hand?

    The fractures in the hand could be open or closed. Open fracture means there is a wound associated with the fracture and there is very high chance of bone infection. So those cases are very urgent to be attended and need to be taken to an operating theater for a wound wash out. Once the wound is attended the fixation of the fracture may not be very urgent. It should be done properly and only once ideally. Repeated surgery or manipulations would lead to wound problems and poor healing of the fracture.

    Closed fractures or fractures without a wound associated would be alright to be attended in couple of days. But should not be delayed for weeks.

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